Orafti Synergy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1What is Synergy Orafti?
  • 2What are the benefits of Orafti Synergy?
  • This product is an enriched chicory insulin powder
  • It is a food ingredient containing insulin, oligofructose, fructose, glucose, sucrose and difructose
  • It is a dietary fiber.
  • It is a dietary fibre, which helps with constipation
  • It contains no fat and very little calories - can be used as part of a weight loss program
  • It is Kosher and Halal Certified
  • It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • It has good absorption, as it is in a powder form
  • It created an increased feeling of fullness - therefor assisting with weight loss
  • It acts as an appetite suppressor

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