Stool Testing (why you should do it ASAP!)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1What is “Strongyloides stercoralis“?
  • 2Are all Stool tests not created equal?
  • 3Why there’s no perfect Stool Test out There (Yet)
  • 4How are these tests done?
  • 5Why You Should Get Stool Testing Done ASAP

It’s a parasitic roundworm infection that causes diarrhea. The parasite is there the whole time, wreaking havoc on your gut and preventing you from fully healing. Proper stool testing would be one of the most important steps toward helping these clients get healthy.

Stool testing is really complex and challenging. That’s why a lot of time is spent on researching the best stool testing protocols and studying the tests our mentors use. And they believe, it is one of the more effective ways to find out if any bad bugs are hiding in your gut.

Each test has its own accuracy level, reliability, positives, negatives, etc. And the most important thing for our clients is to avoid a false negative. If there’s something there, we want to be able to find it… This is why we combine the two most effective technologies available. Have the clients get two stool tests done together for the most accurate picture of their gut health.

Test 1: The Bio Health (Pathogen Screen) This test uses advanced staining and antigen techniques to recover pathogens from 3 stool samples, taken each day for three days.

This test uses samples taken over multiple days… and not only that, but it uses state of the art technology to look for pathogens that could be missed.

Test 2: The Doctor’s Data (Parasitology x3) this is also a growth-based culture which is the standard of practice in clinical microbiology. It also uses sensitive biochemical assays and microscopy, and thoroughly evaluates the status of beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeast and parasites. It is powerful when these two tests are used together and what you are able to detect using them in conjunction.

If you’re struggling with digestive problems despite all your best diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes… you could have a parasite or bacterial infection. It is highly recommended that you get these two tests done together; it could be the one (or two) test result standing between you and finally taking control of your digestive health.

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