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    22 October 2015

    From the editor of the month....

    We see it everywhere - Think Pink. It floods retail stores and is on every form of social media. We have to be careful to not let Breast cancer awareness month only become a routine slap on for the month of October and a victim of the commercialisation that's so common in our society.

    Breast health is an important topic and through Breast cancer awareness we should all be reminded to conduct regular self-examinations of our breasts. And this does not just apply to a woman! Breast cancer is also a very real threat to our men, especially in the day & age we’re living in.There are so many factors in our environment that unfortunately affect our health in a negative way. I recently read a very interesting article in the London Times, where they noted that most of the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, in our beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes, plastics etc. did not exist 50 years ago! Most of these chemicals are seen as “endocrine disruptors” that can affect estrogen and increase our risk for “estrogen-sensitive” cancers like breast, ovarian, uterine (womb) and prostate.

    A cancer diagnosis at any stage is devastating news. The questions, concerns, and panic that can set in can throw any life off of a sure path. In the case of breast cancer, it can affect the sheer essence of your womanhood. In October month, we salute survivors who fought for their lives through cancer and won, we salute all who are still in the battle. We would like to encourage all women out there to pro-actively take responsibility for their own health and make sure that they have all the information on how to protect their bodies from these dreadful cancers.Come visit one of our Functional Practitioners at Health Renewal who will assist you to identify and manage your specific risks in order to achieve longevity. Enjoy being pink!

    "Those who do not make time for health, will one day have to make time for illness.” – Anonymous

    Yours in good Health!

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    Dr. Burt Jooste

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    Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is a real threat to all of us and not only for women, especially in the day & age, we’re living in! Learn more about Breast Cancer here.

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    Cancer Quiz 

    How often do you conduct self-examinations of our breasts? Many of us still deny that anyone can contract breast cancer! 

    Click here to complete the Cancer survey.

    What's the news?

    Since the inception of Skin Renewal KZN in 2013, this will be the first social initiative that our team supports. On 28 November, we will dedicate a day to the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre by getting involved in the home that houses the youngest occupants, ranging from 2-12 years old. The organization has evolved over the years and currently offers a range of relevant programs which respond to the needs of children and youth as required by the Children’s Act. You can help us help them, visit KZN Corporate Social Investment 2015 to get involved. Litter and illegal dumping in the James and Ethel Gray Park in Birdhaven has been an issue for quite some time, turning this city jewel into a problematic area. On 20 September Skin, Body & Health Renewal Gauteng staff members, their families and some of their suppliers made a day of it picked up over 200 bags of litter and planted 55 trees in various areas of the park. We hope that we have made a difference and trust that this does not only have an impact for one day, but for many years to come. To read more and view pictures visit Corporate Social Investment Gauteng 2015. The Cape Region dedicated 24 September to Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre (NPO-090-162), based near Melkbos in the Western Cape, as part of their corporate social investment efforts. Uitsig has a pro-life philosophy to animal care. At any point in time, they care for approximately 500 animals, ranging from cats and dogs to horses, donkeys, chickens, rabbits and much more animal species. To read more and find out how Skin Renewal contributed visit Western Cape Corporate social investment 2015.

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