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    27 September 2018

    Sept 2018 Skin & Body Renewal Newsletter

    Your skin is your body’s biggest and most fascinating organ and taking good care of it isn’t just a case of applying a few products. To truly look after it, you’ll need to take an holistic approach that doesn’t just address surface concerns but also nourishes it from within. This means you’ll need the right products, a healthy lifestyle and in-office treatments that target the deeper layers of your skin.

    Fortunately, at Renewal Institute, we treat our patients holistically as we know that most skin conditions are merely a reflection of your overall health. We’ve also created a new solutions-based treatment menu that combines the power of several treatments because a multi-pronged approach in tackling any skin issue - premature ageing included - will always yield better results than a single treatment alone.

    Read more in this month's newsletter:Take care of your skin - Inside & Out 

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