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    23 February 2017

    Dr Graham Duncombe writes:

    Health Renewal Stressed

    Stress is an unavoidable part of life, how we cope with it, however, is entirely individual. There are many modifiable factors that determine individual coping mechanisms.

    Naturally, genetics have their role to play, but even genetic effects can be optimised through the correct use of epigenetics or the environmental influences on our genetics.

    At Health Renewal we offer holistic solutions to identifying chronic stressors, stress hormone responses and lifestyle modifications that assist patients in managing stress effectively and safely to prevent long-term complications.

    Supplementation with quality and personalised supplements and the correct adaptogens is vital in managing stress correctly.

    Stress will affect us all at some stage, but it can be managed through balance. Don't forget to make time to relax, maintain the fun in life and continue to do the things that kept you motivated in your youth.

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