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  • Ozone Therapy now available in Cape Town!

    06 March 2015

    Medical Ozone is an amazing element that has the power to detoxify the body by breaking down toxins and heavy metals. Ozone also helps to build new and healthy cells, tissues, organs and ultimately healthy body systems. By doing the above Ozone helps the body to restore to an optimal health status resulting in overall wellness and quality of life.

    Research and investigation of medical administration of ozone therapy, over more than a 100 years, has shown that virtually no pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus and parasite) or abnormal and diseased body cells are resistant to treatment by ozone. Ozone also helps relieve pain and inflammation.

    This amazing treatment, which can be administered through 5 ways (Intravenous Ozone administration; Ozone inhalation through olive oil; Ear insufflation; Bagging; Funnelling or cupping) is now also available in Cape Town at Cape QuarterClaremontConstantia and Willowbridge

    Contact your Health Renewal clinic to find out more about this revolutionary treatment and how it can help you!

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