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    “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” Nelson Mandela

    Patients need to make informed decisions and the best way to be able to do that is to get the best education. Health Renewal supports this approach and as such we assist our patients by providing them with the best possible medical care and services but also educate all our patients so they will be able to look after themselves better after every treatment. Medical help and assistance is not just about a treatment, it is much more about change. Most often involving a complete lifestyle change. Education is vital and lies at the root of various medical treatments, especially medical advice and treatments dealing with eating patterns.

    The Slender Challenge Competition started in 2011 and we have just finished off Slender Challenge VI. Any person can enter the competition and from all the entries we select 30 suitable contestants for each challenge according to a very specific protocol. The competitions run over a 12 week period under the controlling eyes of the very capable Health Renewal staff and Doctors. Patients come in on the first day of the competition for a doctor screening, motivational talk, information, body measurements, blood pressure measurements, glucose testing and Bodystat measurements. This is to ensure that we know exactly what will be the best possible solution for each individual and also to make sure that each contestant be provided with a clear picture of what lies ahead. Even more importantly each contestant must know that they won’t walk this road alone - Health Renewal offers a holistic approach and support every step of the way!

    A set of professional photo’s are taken of each contestant from which progress can be measured and also from which each participant will be able to see what kind of lifestyle they leave behind. There is nothing quite like the experience of sharing the joy of each patient when they see their own “before-and-after” photo realizing what they can accomplish. Throughout the competition we monitor each contestant with 2 weekly measurements at the Health Renewal branches and regular support through our Slender Challenge blog. On this blog we have doctors, a dietician, a psychiatrist and registered nurses to support every patient throughout this life changing 12 week process. For more information on our blog, why don’t you pay us a visit at www.Slenderchallenge.co.za

    The Slender Challenge is supported by the Slender Challenge Weight Loss Program which forms an integral part of the challenge. Slender Challenge is a proven, safe and effective weight and fat loss programme. Slender Challenge weight loss programme is a successful weight loss program which is not only about “losing weight”... it is more about a lifestyle modification. A vital difference between this programme and others is that it provides important supplements your body needs, even while controlling your food intake, to ensure optimal nutrition. The programme revolves around a detailed and scientific eating plan which takes into account aspects that will alter or stimulate metabolism suitable for your body and specific medical history. The programme has evolved over 35 years with tens of thousands of patients being treated successfully in South Africa. Slender Challenge specifically addresses the reduction of abnormal and resistant fat, which results in healthy slimming of the body.

    Various new discoveries relevant to a healthy eating programme has been made in the research of Slender Challenge. The most interesting discovery in recent years is the role leptin plays in causing obesity. Leptin is a hormone that is produced in the fat cells which regulates adipose metabolism. High leptin levels in the brain, will lead to a stimulation of the adipose metabolism and a decrease in appetite. When leptin levels in the brain drop, appetite and hunger increase and the metabolism slows down with the result that whatever is then consumed will be converted into fat and stored in the body. People with a tendency to obesity, have low leptin levels and no matter which diet they follow, they always gain all the weight they've lost, because the leptin levels in the brain remain low. This emphasizes the point that diet is not about drinking pills and starving oneself. It is about having the proper information relevant to your body from which you can make an informed decision to change your lifestyle.

    A medical solution that leads to an increase of leptin levels seems to be the answer for many people who have been struggling to reach their ideal weight. The Slender Challenge Programme has been hailed as a medical breakthrough - not only because people succeed in loosing and maintaining the weight loss, but more so because it only targets “abnormal” fat, while essential fat stays intact. Yes, your body needs fat – the right kind.

    The human body contains of three kinds of fat:

    • Structural fat which cushions our organs and is vital for normal organ functioning and protection;
    • Normal fat which acts as an energy reserve; and
    • Abnormal fat is the accumulation of body fat which is in excess in overweight individuals. Unfortunately this kind of fat is stored and locked away and therefore not readily available in a nutritional emergency as an energy source.

    Being a scientist myself, allow me some more “science-talk”, just to give you a little bit more information for now. If you want to skip the “sciency” part, just let your eyes glide over to the next paragraph in which you can see the fantastic results of the Slender Challenge. The Lipotrophic injections, which forms an integral part of the Slender Challenge programme, help mobilize the abnormal fat which has accumulated over time, while decreasing the patient's craving for food. The permeability of the fat cell wall is increased as well as the osmolality of the broken down fat and saturated fatty-acids resulting in enhanced excretion of broken down fat. If the programme is strictly adhered to patients lose between 8-15 kilograms in the first month, thereafter 5-6 kilograms per week. Patients also feel good with high energy levels. In fact, depressed patients have mood elevations as the Leptin levels ‘’kick in’’ 10 days into the programme.

    Over the past VI Slender Challenges we have seen phenomenal courage, participation, motivation and results with our various contestants. In the table below you will see the comparison between the six different challenges. The average amount of weight a contestant lost, when we compare the six challenges, were 14.9kg over a period of 12 weeks. If you however look at the biggest loser per challenge, however, you will notice that it is possible to loose far more.

    ChallengeNumber of contestantsAverage lost per contestantTotal lossBiggest loser
    Slender Challenge I2517425.9639.5
    Slender Challenge II281439225.3
    Slender Challenge III2114.7308.529.3
    Slender Challenge IV3213.543124.5
    Slender Challenge V3213.543139.5
    Slender Challenge VI2616.6432.228.6

    I hope that by reading this you realise that there is an answer to the question I believe so many people have been asking without satisfactory results: How can I lose weight and keep it off? It is not about starving yourself, drinking pills and being alone. At Health Renewal we not only understand the science behind it, we also understand that, when undertaking a challenge of losing weight, it is about a lifestyle change. A change where you need support and guidance and where you know a helping hand is always close by. So, stop struggling and make a choice to be what you have always wanted to be with the right people by your side.  

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