Olivia Pedro Somatology - ITEC, ETAC, HCTIB

Head Office

Olivia grew up in Cape Town and is the oldest of four children. She has travelled all over the world while working on the cruise liners and decided to settle in Johannesburg upon her return.

She enjoys spending time in the kitchen while preparing delicious meals and treats for her family. Spending time with her family and friends are of great importance to her. As a highly motivated and goal orientated person, she meets challenges head-on. The experience and exposure she received over the past 17 years laid the foundation for her work ethic, values, viewpoints and focus. As a manager, she has excellent conflict resolution skills which enable her to higher productivity levels within the organization.

Her positive and supportive attitude towards people forms the basis in which she deals and connects with people – accepting them for who they are regardless of their orientation or background. She is convinced that a person’s success depends on continuous personal development and empowerment.

As a person, she is convinced that she can make a success of anything she is taken to do. She views herself as a lifelong learner who not only have to broaden her horizons but have to constantly need to keep up with the latest innovations and trends within the industry.

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