Marlene Williams

Marlene Williams

Marlene was born in Namibia and after only staying there for a year, her family moved to Cape Town where she grew up and matriculated.

She started her nursing training at Volks Hospital, in Oranjezicht as well as Groote Schuur and Red Cross Children's Hospital. She trained as a midwife at Mowbray Maternity Hospital and eventually qualified in 1980, from Carinus College. She worked in many different areas of nursing over the years and gained a significant amount of experience. The biggest impact on her life was the department where heart transplant patients were awaiting their new hearts, at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital. Because of the team approach, close bonds were formed with patients and families as well as staff.

She then moved on to Cath Lab, where she worked for six years, with an equally impressive team, that specialised in EPS and Ablations, inserting Permanent pacemakers and general stenting/balloon work. She took a break from nursing and enrolled at the Rawson Property Academy, where she completed her board exams and started selling property in the City Bowl area for about three and a half years, which she enjoyed immensely. The more relaxed hours was refreshing after the long hours of nursing.

Once a nurse, always a nurse! Before long, she joined the nursing profession again, more restored and revitalised this time around. She joined Medirite Pharmacy group for a year and a half doing wellness and vitality work for Medical Aids. From there, she moved to St Lukes Hospice, working with the terminally ill patients and their families. Doing a short course in Palliative Care, the work was very fulfilling, on a daily basis, but mentally taxing long term. She felt the need for a lighter side of nursing and spotted the vacancy advertised at Renewal Institute.

She strongly believes in inner beauty and choosing to grow old gracefully.

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