Frequently Asked Questions

There are many causes of alopecia:

  • genetic,
  • emotional,
  • physiological and
  • Certain medications.

There are between 100 000 and 150 000 hairs on our heads and typically lose on average 100 hairs per day.

When finding more hair than usual in your hairbrush or in the basin after shampooing. You can also notice widening of a parting or a thinning crown. One in four men will have noticeable hair loss by age 30, increasing by age 60 to two in three men. Very rarely, hair loss can occur at age 12.

Hair thinning or baldness on one’s appearance can cause psychological stress due to the association of physical attractiveness with success and happiness. A person’s hair is considered an essential part of their identity, particularly for women. The psychology of hair thinning especially for women, it represents femininity and attractiveness. Men associate a full head of hair with youth and vigor. Hair thinning is a sensitive issue for both sexes. People who experience hair thinning can worry that they appear older or less attractive to others.

The Ludwig scale and the Savin scale track the progress of hair thinning in women.

For male pattern baldness, the Hamilton–Norwood scale tracks the progress of a receding hairline and/or a thinning crown.

  • The pull test gentle traction is exerted on a group of hairs on three areas of the scalp and the number of hairs extracted are counted and examined. The root of the plucked hair is examined under a microscope to determine the phase of growth, and is used to diagnose a defect of telogen, anagen, or systemic disease.
  • Scalp biopsy - is used to determine scarring and non-scarring forms. Hair samples are usually taken from around the border of the bald patch.
  • The appearance and pattern of hair loss
  • Your medical history
  • Abnormal hair growth, on the face or between the belly button and pubic area.
  • Changes in menstrual periods and enlargement of the clitoris
  • New acne
  • Your doctor may ask you to count the number of hairs from the morning combing or hair wash.


  • There are a number of treatment options for hair loss.
  • Topical treatment with individual defined dosages and ingredients offer many patients a solution to this problem.
  • Fagron provides medical practitioners with treatment options for alopecia based on the latest scientific knowledge, along with comfortable, skin-friendly bases and applicators.
  • Many types of thinning have an underlying genetic or health-related cause, which a qualified professional will be able to diagnose.
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