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Essential System 3- Gut Restoration & Gut Health

The next area of focus is the gut, and again, this is right up there with the HPA axis in terms of its importance. An impaired gut function can mess with hormones in several different ways, so if you have a parasite or a fungal overgrowth or dysbiosis or leaky gut, that causes inflammation.

Inflammation suppresses the function of the hypothalamus and the pituitary in the brain, which produce the stimulating hormones, and then it also suppresses the function of the adrenals and the ovaries, and the gonads in men that produce the actual hormones.

Inflammatory cytokines can also cause hormone resistance, which we talked about just now, where the levels of hormones may be fine but the receptors on the cells aren’t sensitive to those hormones, so you end up getting the same symptoms.  

Dysbiosis has been shown to increase the activity of something called beta-glucuronidase, which reverses hormone conjugation in the liver, which means that you get a recirculation of deconjugated hormones like estrogen back into the circulation, and that can cause estrogen dominance.  

Dysbiosis also increases the production of certain downstream estrogen metabolites like 4-OH and 16-OH, which are proliferative. That means that they actually can contribute to breast and prostate cancer, and dysbiosis decreases the production of 2-OH, which is protective against those conditions. I mean, this is just a tiny sliver of the ways that gut issues can affect hormone production. We don’t have time to go into all of it but suffice to say that healing your gut is a really crucial part of addressing hormone problems.

The gut is responsible for approximately 80% of our immunity. If the microbiome of the gut is out of balance the ripple effect on our health can be devastating. Because the functions of a healthy gut are so diverse and so critical, any number of symptoms can appear due to dysbiosis (i.e. an unbalanced gut) & leaky gut.

Any of the following can occur due to dysbiosis & leaky gut syndrome: