2. How do I get started with IV Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the initial phase ALL patients needs to be seen by the Health Renewal doctor, where they will have a 30-minute consultation to assess their current health status & discuss their specific needs for the program. Here the doctor will also identify any possible special precautions and/or contra-indications.

In addition, your risk factors will be evaluated and how best to prevent any problems or conditions, that you may be susceptible to.

  • This phase will usually consist of weekly treatments for 4 weeks
  • Patients will be started on the PC push regime, at a dosage of 1ml Glutathione per week, which will be increased with 1ml per week, up to a maximum of 4ml by week 4.
  • Should the patient experience any unwanted side-effects the same dosage (or an even lower dosage) can be used with the next treatment, until the patient can tolerate the dosage successfully. This might extend the duration of the initiation phase.
  • Should the patient present with a low blood pressure (< 90/60) or be known with a history of hypotension, the Magnesium mix can be administered initially at half the normal dosage (i.e. 0.5ml) to see the effects on the patients blood pressure. If there is no effect on the blood pressure, it can be give at the normal dose with following treatments. Please remember to always monitor these patients very closely.
  • The rest of the ingredients of the PC push will be given at standard dosage from the beginning.
  • During this phase established patients will receive twice-weekly PC push treatments at the maximum Glutathione dosage (4ml).
  • After completion of the 8 treatments the patient will have a follow-up consultation (15minutes) with the Health Renewal Doctor, to evaluate the progress of their treatment, as well as discuss the specific infusion they’ll be getting in the next couple of weeks.
  • During this phase a specific infusion will be used to fit the need of the patient, addressing their area of concern.
  • Part 1 (Weekly x 6 weeks – 6 treatments)
  • Part 2 (every 2 weeks x 8 weeks – 4 treatments)
  • Patients will receive monthly treatments, as selected after completion of their Booster phase
  • Should any new concerns arise, the patient will be referred back to the Health Renewal Doctor, to adjust their infusion, or restart them again at the Booster phase.
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