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No, the InBody is available at ParkhurstMorningsideFourwaysBedfordviewWillowbridge

Two people of the exact same weight and height can have very different body compositions with different muscle and fat ratios.

The InBody body composition analyzer can show you how you are built and help you select the best fitness plan to fit your specific needs. After a quick en accurate analysis you will receive a visual representation of your body composition and history to track improvement and assist with motivation. 

The analysis is a very quick process, that give very valuable information.

The client is required to stand, with bare feet (but can be fully clothed), on the InBody scale, whilst holding the connected hand piece. Through strategically placed receptors information is gathered from the individual and this is relayed to specific software that calculates the required data. 

More than 20 outputs are given through the InBody Test relating to information of segmental muscle and fat analysis. 

After inputting the patient's age, height and gender the InBody Software will provide the following information after a test

Body Composition Analysis:

  1. Total amount of water in the body
  2. Protein
  3. Minerals
  4. Body Fat Mass
  5. Weight (total of the above)

Muscle-Fat Analysis: This compares the bar lengths of Skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass. The longer the skeletal muscle mass bar is compared to the body fat mass bar, the stronger the body is. 

  1. Skeletal Muscle Mass
  2. Body Fat Mass
  3. Total body Mass

Obesity Analysis: 

  1. Provides Body Mass Index (BMI)
  2. Percent Body Fat (as a percentage compared to body weight)

Segmental Lean Analysis and Segmental Fat Analysis, for 5 Areas of the body are analysed: Segmental Lean Analysis evaluates whether the amount of muscle is adequately distributed in all parts of the body, it them compares muscle mass to the ideal ratio. Segmental Fat Analysis evaluates whether the amount of fat is adequately distributed in all parts of the body, and it then also compares this fat to the ideal distribution. 

  1. Top Right Quadrant
  2. Top Left Quadrant
  3. Lower Right Quadrant
  4. Lower Left Quadrant
  5. Middle of the body

As the patient progresses on the RID Weight loss programme, or any other diet / fitness programme the client's history can be evaluated and improvement noted. 

This serves as a motivation to pursue and achieve the ultimate goal. 

The data can be printed and taken home after the test. 

The InBody Analysis is included in the RID weight loss programme, at those clinics that have the machine available.

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