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Review -Money well Spent!!
Reviewed on 14 July 2015 by S.O From Brooklyn

I am very excited to say pigmentation is gone. The MSM/Vit C powder when taken to restore my energy fast and keep me going all day. The probiotic supplement is amazing! Dr. Lestonn has been amazing, kind, gentle and very understanding. Thank you Dr Lestonn and Skin Renewal Brooklyn.

Review -Weight loss
Reviewed on 14 April 2016 by Emmerentia Pieterse

I struggle to loose weight no matter what diet I follow. Also struggle with restless leg syndrome

Review -Compliments to the Chef
Reviewed on 30 July 2016 by Christo Nothnagel

I had the great pleasure of dining out with the below selection from the Body Renewal Kitchen, the Chicken and Veg Soup. Originally I was quite skeptical, but soon the aroma started to grow on me and boy did it taste even better.

Compliments to the Chef.

Review -Delicious !!!!!!!!
Reviewed on 30 July 2016 by Jolandie Alberts

Wow i have started the Slender Challenge and i must say the food is amazing i had the “Cauliflower and Chicken soup” and it was delicious!

Review -Soup is one of a kind
Reviewed on 30 July 2016 by Nettie Burger

Just had the Thai chicken soup and I loved the flavour. Hope to be able to create the same on my own or i might just keep ordering it .

Review -Was Delicious
Reviewed on 30 July 2016 by Ryno Gouws

Just had the moroccan chicken soup for supper must say it was delicious .I was really surprised didn’t feel hungry at all afterwards.

Review -The shake has kept me satisfied
Reviewed on 30 July 2016 by Sharne Laurence

I was a bit late this morning because I love to sleep until the last minute. I prepped and cooked everything last night so there was no rush. So far I’ve had the shake for breakfast and I am just about to have my first fruit. I have to say that I’m pretty sure the shake would taste 100% better with milk but it wasn’t bad with water. I don’t usually have breakfast in the morning and by now I’ve usually eaten something. Surprisingly the shake has kept me satisfied up to this point.

Review -Dr Coertze assisting me with extreme fatigue
Reviewed on 6 March 2018 by Anonymous

Dr Coertze is amazing, he is thorough, empathetic and very insightful. I am looking forward to regaining my health and vitality. Dr Coertze picked up an issue with my health that no other doctor has managed to detect in years of my seeking help from numerous doctors. Thank you Dr Coertze for giving me hope again.

Review -Inflammation Seminar
Reviewed on 4 May 2018 by Anonymous

Excellent and very informative. They answered the questions and concerns that I had.

Thank you very much.

Review -Detox Seminar
Reviewed on 4 May 2018 by Anonymous

Overall this is an awesome experience and the products are amazing, Will recommend this to everyone and all ages.

Sharon Izak Elaine ) WhatsApp
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