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3 Easy Steps To Calculate Your BMI

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Calculate your BMI with 3 Easy steps

By Shenrina Badri

It is important to know how to calculate your BMI if you want to control your weight …

What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a useful guide that will tell you whether you are a healthy weight for your height.

Ranges of BMI

A BMI of 18, 5 – 24, 9 is reflective of a healthy weight.

A BMI of 25 – 29, 9 is that of someone who is overweight.

An obese person will have a BMI between the ranges 30 – 39, 9.

A person with a BMI of 40+ is said to be severely obese.

Three steps to calculate your BMI

  1. Measure your height in meters. Now multiply this figure by itself.

For example 1, 5*1, 5=2, 25 meters.

  1. Measure your weight in kilogrammes.

For example 49 kilogrammes.

  1. Then divide your weight (in kilogrammes) by your height calculation.

For example, 49 / 2, 25 = 21, 78.

Thus your BMI is 21, 78. This falls into the category of a healthy weight.


Your BMI serves as a general guide for weight management. It is aimed at adults and is thus not suitable for children, young or elderly people. In addition, it is not suitable for pregnant women or very muscular people.

Ensure that you exercise daily and consume a healthy and balanced diet. If you are concerned about your weight, visit your doctor. A dietician can also assist you in putting a meal plan together.