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Beverage Ideas If You Are A Diabetic

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Beverage ideas for diabetics

By Shenrina Badri

Are you a diabetic and in need of some beverage ideas?

Here are some tips on beverages if you are a diabetic:

Drink more water

Carry a bottle of water around with you when on errands – this will serve as a reminder to stay hydrated. At home, keep a jug of water on your tabletop. You can even choose a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint to add a little refreshing flavour to the water. Drinking herbal teas is also a great way to improve your intake of water.

Caffeinated beverages

Avoid consuming too much tea and/or coffee on a daily basis.


Reduce the amount of sugar you have in your hot beverages. Omit it completely if your taste buds can take it!

Note that sugar is also found in fizzy drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, as well as sports juices, so think twice before consuming these beverages eagerly.

Artificially sweetened drinks

These drinks include diet as well as low-calorie carbonated drinks and cordials and should be limited to ‘no more than four times weekly’.


Alcoholic beverages should be limited to one unit a day for women and no more than two units per day for men. Note than one unit is a small glass of wine, a beer or a tot of spirits.

Seek advice from your doctor or a dietician if you require more information on an eating plan for diabetics.