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Dr Caitlin von Bardeleben

Dr Caitlin von Bardeleben

Dr Caitlin von Bardeleben is an intrepid adventurer with a creative flair and passion for photography and conservation. A Jozi girl who graduated from Wits University with her medical degree, she is part of the Health Renewal Gauteng team, which includes the Fourways, West Rand Waterfall, Brooklyn and Irene branches. 

Dr Caitlin joined The Renewal Institute in June 2020 and, during her three-month intensive in-house training, shadowed Dr Maureen Allem. Dr Caitlin is proud to be a member of the Renewal Institute family and is a member of AAMSA (The Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine Society of South Africa).

She is passionate about photography and enjoys applying her eye for detail and creativity to her medical work. During the first half of 2020, Dr Caitlin enjoyed a sabbatical in the South Pacific, where she had the opportunity to really explore her photography skills and gain experience diving (she even dived with sharks).

‘I fell in love with French Polynesia because of its untouched beauty’ says Von Bardeleben. Skin Renewal is on a journey to be sustainable and celebrates the importance which Caitlin places on the preservation of wildlife. Currently enrolled in a wildlife qualification, we look forward to being able to share her learnings with the Health Renewal team.