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Dr Liz Dodds

Dr Liz Dodds


Dr Liz Dodds is a highly regarded medical professional who achieved her MBChB with first-class honours from the University of Cape Town in 2019. With a rich background in critical care, emergency medicine, and dermatology, Dr Liz has positioned herself as a highly recommended medical and aesthetic figure. Following her internship at Paarl Hospital and community service at Stellenbosch Hospital, she further honed her skills during a year-long tenure as a general practitioner in Franschhoek, enhancing her experience with additional shifts in the Stellenbosch Hospital emergency department.

Dr Liz's commitment to excellence is underscored by her comprehensive training portfolio, including certifications in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Neonatal Life Support (ANLS), Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Clinical HIV Management, Emergency Point of Care Ultrasound, and Physics for Diagnostic Radiology. 

Renowned for her goal-directed, meticulous, and creative problem-solving skills, Dr Liz approaches patient care with precision and compassion. Her quiet confidence reassures her patients, giving them peace of mind that they are in good hands.

Dr Liz believes in the importance of balance and enthusiastically embraces life's simple pleasures. Whether she's getting lost in a good book, expressing her creativity through drawing, exploring the outdoors through hiking, chasing sunsets, or cooking a delicious meal for loved ones, she finds joy in every moment. Her passion for tranquillity and adventure enriches her perspective on life and medicine.

Her passion for aesthetic medicine is at the heart of her practice, a field she believes to be the perfect amalgamation of her medical expertise and creative flair. Viewing the skin as a reflection of overall well-being, she advocates for a holistic approach to skincare, emphasising the importance of nurturing the skin to boost self-confidence and enhance natural beauty.