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Skin Renewal Doctors all have a broad knowledge, background and passion for aesthetic medicine. Please feel free to ask them your questions and concerns.

Dr Michele Vanzaghi

Dr Michele Vanzaghi

MBChB (Stell)

Dr Michele, a medical doctor with training in various health sectors, was born in Cape Town with an interest in and passion for medical aesthetics. It was in the Mother City where he fell in love with the larger wellness community, taking ownership of their health and longevity. As a cancer survivor, Dr Michele has learned great lessons about life, empathy, and the fragility of youth. Dr Michele was excited to have the opportunity not only to be trained but also to receive ongoing learning under the expert guidance of Dr Maureen Allem and jumped at the chance to join Skin Renewal.

Dr Michele’s medical philosophy stems from listening and learning from those around him, and he believes this is the most significant opportunity for growth. Excited to grow his passion and to form long-lasting and beautiful relationships with the Skin Renewal family, Dr Michele is all about positive connections and meaningful experiences. He’s also all about the art of great food. With Italian heritage, his roots are planted in sharing meal times and conversations with friends and family. An expression of love, cooking and pasta-making is an unmissable part of Dr Michele’s downtime.