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Skin Renewal Doctors all have a broad knowledge, background and passion for aesthetic medicine. Please feel free to ask them your questions and concerns.

Dr Sirlesh Moodley

Dr Sirlesh Moodley


Proudly from KwaZulu Natal, where Dr Sirlesh earned his medical degree, his insight into internal medicine, specifically dermatology, meant a natural graduation to aesthetic medicine.

With over five years of medical aesthetics already under his belt, Dr Sirlesh understands that being a medical aesthetic doctor focuses on more than just the skin and its concerns. He is a natural fit for Health Renewal which shares his ethos. Dr Sirlesh is excited to experience training by Dr Maureen Allem on an ongoing basis and to enjoy her experience of aesthetics in the world arena firsthand.

His approach always uses an evidence-based background to holistically provide patients with the best treatments and services tailored to their individual needs. A true calling, Dr Sirlesh appreciates the very personal experience of the Health Renewal relationship.

When asked why this particular field of medicine, his answer is simple yet compassionate: “I understand why confidence and self-esteem are integral to pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding life.” It’s about so much more than mere outer beauty, but rather our reflection on the world and the reflection of the world on us, he adds.