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Rianca Moodley
Head Office

Rianca Moodley


Nestled in the sun-kissed shores of Durban, Rianca has spent her picturesque life basking in its warmth. After completing her school, she felt a compelling urge to delve into the realm of Somatology. This beckoning led her to the prestigious halls of Camelot International, where she honed her craft.

Upon completing her rigorous studies, Rianca embraced the role of Front Desk Coordinator in 2012. For over four radiant years, she immersed herself in an enriching experience, interacting and understanding people refining her interpersonal skills.

But the horizon beckoned with new challenges. She transitioned to Health Renewal in March 2017, a move born from her undying passion for uplifting individuals and guiding them to their best selves. In her current role, she stands proud as the Distribution Centre Leader for KZN, ensuring everyone she touches feels rejuvenated and empowered.