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Jenna Broom

Jenna Broom

Somatology - CIDESCO, SAAHSP

Jenna has been in the Health and Skin Care industry for over 17 years, with a National Diploma in Somatology.

She kicked off her career by working in spas and laser/medical clinics in both South Africa and the UK, gaining valuable experience and knowledge along the way. She has also been involved with training various clinics for IPL. She has an incredible passion for knowledge and education and constantly researching whatever crosses her path.

Jenna has been involved in the advanced medical aesthetics for more than 12 years. Her passion is skin, transforming complexions, helping reduce pigmentation, veins, and rejuvenation. Basically, anti-aging is her best.

She joined Renewal Institute in 2013 as a therapist, and then changed her direction to becoming the regional trainer for the KwaZulu Natal branches.

In January 2018, Jenna added the position of Regional Support Member for the region to her portfolio.