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Angelique Esau

Angelique Esau

Angelique is a consummate therapist renowned for her unparalleled skincare and massage therapy expertise. Her remarkable talent was evident from her days as the top student upon graduating in 2013. Angelique embarked on a transformative journey aboard luxury cruise lines, where she spent three years refining her craft amidst the high seas.

Returning to the shores with a wealth of experience under her belt, Angelique found her calling at a picturesque waterfront spa, where she dedicated herself to mastering the art of skincare and wellness treatments while delivering unparalleled care to her esteemed clientele.

Embarking on a thrilling new chapter, Angelique has seized the opportunity to join the prestigious Health Renewal clinic. Eager to continue her professional odyssey, she brings with her not only her exceptional skills but also her infectious enthusiasm and genuine compassion for her patients.

Angelique is known for her effervescent personality and unwavering dedication to excellence, and she is poised to make a profound impact in her new role. She will infuse the esteemed team at Health Renewal with her vibrant spirit and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service.