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Jean-Marie Ablett

Jean-Marie Ablett

Somatology - CIDESCO, SAAHSP

Jean-Marié's early life and academic endeavours took root in the vibrant city of Port Elizabeth, where she diligently pursued and attained a diploma in health and skin care at the esteemed Total Concept Academy.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to broaden her horizons, Jean-Marié embarked on an international journey. This quest for global exposure allowed her to amass a wealth of international experience, complementing her already impressive academic credentials.

Her professional journey has been marked by notable achievements, including leadership roles in some of the world's most prestigious luxury spas. Her exemplary management skills and dedication to her craft were recognised in 2017 when she was honoured as a finalist for Le Nouvelle's Manager of the Year.

An innately optimistic spirit characterises Jean-Marié. She consistently focuses on the brighter side of life, firmly believing in the power of positivity to cultivate favourable outcomes. Her passion extends beyond her professional expertise; she thrives in environments where she can interact and connect with people.

She is a staunch advocate for service excellence, always striving to deliver experiences that meet and exceed expectations. Her international experience, leadership acumen, and unwavering positivity make her an invaluable asset at Health Renewal.