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Nomabhongo Sonti

Nomabhongo Sonti

Somatology - CIDESCO

Nomabhongo Sonti is a distinguished professional who embarked on her journey in the world of skincare therapy with a stellar accomplishment—earning her prestigious CIDESCO accreditation upon graduating from the esteemed International Academy of Health and Skincare Therapists in Cape Town back in 2013.

Her career commenced at the renowned spa in the vibrant coastal city of Cape Town, where she honed her skills and earned accolades for her exceptional service. In 2015, driven by a thirst for new experiences and opportunities, Nomabhongo made the bold decision to relocate to the bustling hub of Johannesburg, where she further enriched her expertise during her two-year tenure at a well-known skincare clinic.

However, Nomabhongo's relentless pursuit of growth and expansion led her to embark on a new entrepreneurial venture – establishing her mobile spa. This bold step was a testament to her unwavering determination to carve her own path and explore new horizons in her professional and personal life.

Now, as she joins the prestigious Skin Renewal team, Nomabhongo is thrilled to align herself with a top-tier aesthetic establishment that shares her values of continuous growth and passion for the industry. She seeks to contribute her expertise to a team that embraces a holistic approach to the market, integrating wellness principles seamlessly into their practice.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nomabhongo is a connoisseur of elegance with a keen eye for fashion and all things refined. Her multifaceted interests and unwavering dedication make her a valuable addition to the Skin Renewal family.