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Yolande Terblanche

Yolande Terblanche

Somatology Somatology - CIDESCO, SAAHSP, ITEC

Yolande, a distinguished somatologist, embarked on her illustrious career journey after completing her qualifications at Success International in Johannesburg. Her professional journey began by immersing herself in the world of aesthetics, where she worked alongside an esteemed aesthetic doctor, laying a solid foundation in the industry.

In March 2009, Yolande made her mark at Health Renewal, Fourways, where she enthusiastically embraced her role as a therapist. Recognised for her exceptional skills and dedication, she swiftly rose to the position of branch leader at Health Renewal, Irene, in October 2009. For three fruitful years, Yolande led the team at Irene, contributing significantly to its success and expansion.

Driven by a thirst for new challenges and growth opportunities, Yolande embarked on a new chapter in August 2012, assuming the role of branch co-leader at Health Renewal, Brooklyn. Her journey continued to unfold as she shared her expertise across various Body Renewal branches in Fourways, West Rand, and Parkhurst. Yolande also found her place at Health Renewal Distribution Centre, where she continues to thrive and make substantial contributions to stock management and procurement.

In her latest professional endeavour, Yolande has transitioned to Health Renewal Fourways as co-leader, where she continues to excel and make substantial contributions to the team's success. Her dedication and passion for the aesthetic industry shine through, solidifying her status as a valued and respected member of the Health Renewal family.