Blood Diagnostic Analysis

During your Health Renewal consultation and in-depth medical history discussion, the attending Doctor will advise on certain blood tests to determine any imbalances in your hormone, vitamin, mineral and nutraceuticals levels.

Blood analysis is done at an Ampath / PathCare Laboratories in the Western Cape, and at Lancet Laboratories in the Gauteng Region. Your Doctor, or manager at the Health Renewal clinic you visit, will advise on your closest location to have these done.

After you have given a blood sample and the required tests have been performed your results will be sent through to the attending Doctor who will investigate your results. This will be discussed in detail at your follow-up appointment.

If you have any other nutraceutical imbalances you will be prescribed specific supplements to correct these imbalances.

It is vitally important to not self-medicate. Your doctor will explain exactly how to use your recommended supplements, in the right quantity, combination and time frame, to ensure you get the best possible benefits.

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Blood Diagnostic Analysis

I will like to highly recommend each and every position in your organisation. It is one of those rare ones these days with an excellent work ethic and passion for what you are doing. The staff is highly knowledgeable about facials, massage and therapy. This fact makes it especially good at working with you. Your therapist have incredible skills and have the ability to make clients feel comfortable instantly, which translates in the overall well being.

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