Biopuncture acts through the stimulus of injections to effect bioregulation with the end objective of autoregulation. In the human body numerous autoregulating systems steer the basic physiological processes in the body.

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Biopuncture is available in Johannesburg at the Sandton,Fourways, Parkhurst, Illovo,and Morningside branches and Pretoria at Brooklyn as well as in the Western Cape at Claremont, Constantia, Cape Quarter, Willowbridge, Somerset West and Stellenbosch and in KwaZulu Natal at Hillcrest and Umhlanga.

Biopuncture is local injections at specific locations with safe and effective bioregulating medicines.

Respiratory rate, blood pressure, heartbeat, glucose level, are only a few examples of subtle autoregulating systems. Each of these autoregulating systems has a set point and a set point margin, where in between, the regulating process fluctuates to maintain homeostasis. Disease can be defined as a condition in which one or more autoregulating systems are no longer oscillating between the set point margin of the respective autoregulating system. It is the objective in Bioregulatory Medicine to restore normal functioning of this autoregulating systems.

Only biotherapeutics in injection form are applied in Biopuncture. The characteristics of the medications used are:

  • They have bioregulatory characteristics
  • The molecular concentrations of the constituents used have no toxic, suppressive or substitutional value. We may state that these biotherapeutic medications are low-dose or even ultra-low-dose medications compared to medications used in conventional medicine.
  • They are manufactured according to stringent guidelines in good manufacturing practice (GMP) and are by definition sterile and free of pathogens.

The injection sites can be divided into two main types of injection groups: treatment zone injections, also termed local injections, and distant injections. Local injections are given in the pain zone or the reflex zone. Distant injections are given at locations distant to the painful region e.g. in trigger points.

The Biopuncture injection therapy is well defined and differs in application from conventional injection treatments, although conventional diagnostic methodology remains the same. The functional examination is based on a more advanced physical examination. Both the physical and functional examination influences the therapy approach, which may differ from a conventional medical approach.

Biopuncture is a safe injection therapy applying a standardized technique that allows a quick assessment of the patient.

This novel therapeutic tool is

  • simple
  • reproducible
  • clinically effective
  • non-surgical
  • non-invasive
  • cost-effective

Biopuncture has minimal side-effects, and almost no systemic absorption.

Biopuncture is a specific injection method, clearly differentiated from other injection methods applied in medical practice (such as neural therapy, mesotherapy, prolotherapy, and numerous others).

Its boundaries are well defined in the technique of injection, the site of injection and type of medications used. Although specific examination techniques are used, especially in musculoskeletal complaints, Biopuncture is based on a conventional and an additional functional diagnosis.

It is important to remember that there is no one-treatment procedure that will fix all problems. The most success is usually obtained if one combines numerous different treatment modalities. It is for this reason that we recommend that all patient undergo a thorough Health Renewal consultation, where all underlying abnormalities can be identified and treated with the necessary lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals and medication if needed. If indicated, Biopuncture will always form part of this treatment plan.

Biopuncture have been successfully used to assist in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Migraines & chronic headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck and Shoulder spasms
  • Chronic myofascial pain syndrome
  • Lower back pain

There are very few doctors in South Africa acquainted with the beneficial effects of Biopuncture. At Health Renewal we have over 2 years experience with Biopuncture in the successful treatment of patients suffering with numerous musculoskeletal problems. Health renewal's focus has always been to restore health and wellbeing, instead of just treating symptoms.

In conventional medicine, the drug you take suppresses your symptoms immediately. That is why you need to take high doses in order to suppress, for example, pain or inflammation. And usually it works immediately. But as soon as the medication stops working, you have to take another pill to "kill the pain" again.

However, in Biopuncture small doses of products are injected in order to stimulate the natural healing processes. These ultra-low doses "wake up" mechanisms, which are available anyway. So, the healing effect comes from "inside" your body-not from the products themselves. It's the reaction of your immune system, which will produce the proper reactions to regain natural healing. The reaction of your body may be, for example, better local blood circulation, tissue repair, and relaxation of muscles or local detoxification. During the reparation of tissue, your body is even more vulnerable and it is a good idea at this stage not to overuse the part, which is treated because it is still in the process of repair.

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