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    Health Renewal Cape Quarter Integrative Health Clinic is located in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village (access via Dixon Street elevators) on Somerset Road. The clinics are managed by doctors who are experienced in Anti-Ageing, Aesthetic and Integrative Medicine. They are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced technicians, nurses and therapists who provide a wide range of treatments to clients. Read More

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    Izak De Bruyn ManagerEmail this branch

    27 Somerset Road

    2nd Floor

    Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village

    Cape Town


    Call021 421 9093Fax021 418 6187Mobile076 538 1769
    Mon-Fri09:00 - 18:00 Sat08:00 - 16:00SunClosed

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    Elize Pieterse Assistant Manager
    Leandri Truter Sleep Renewal Technician

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    Review -"Overall a must for any skin condition"
    Reviewed on 5 June 2017 by Dr Fred Van Der Riet

    Health Renewal Cape Quarter

    Medical Ozone Therapy

    Ozone is by far the most useful medical treatment that can safely be used for just about any physical medical problem. In fact even normal healthy people benefit from occasional use for general health support. It is just additional oxygen which adds to the body's basic oxidation which is obviously the most needed ingredient for life. Micro-organisms cannot tolerate the dose that keeps humans healthy and waste gets oxidized which is vital for detoxification as well. I have used it almost every day for the past 23 years and have never had any complication at all. Patients need to be warned that if it is given IV that a person might experience a slight burning sensation in the chest for a few minutes. This happens mostly only for the first and second treatments and clears up in e few minutes if given slowly enough. It has anti-bacterial and antiviral actions and cancer cells cannot survive the extra oxygen because they do not have basic anti-oxidant enzymes. The white blood cell production in the bone marrow is significantly enhanced by the correct dosage of ozone and the gamma- interferon production of lymphocytes is increased as well as the tumour necrosis factor. Overall a must for any skin condition!

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    Review -"Help for emotional connection with food!"
    Reviewed on 18 February 2015 by Mrs D.O. Cape Quarter

    Health Renewal Cape Quarter

    Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    Cindy is very clear and supportive. She motivates well and is a good "Injector". I have referred other to her as I know she will be right for them and help them through the programme.

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    Review -"Constant Motivation!"
    Reviewed on 16 February 2015 by Miss S.C. Cape Quarter

    Health Renewal Cape Quarter

    Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    The staff at Health Renewal Cape Quarter are all very friendly and professional. They always provide good feedback and tips to keep the motivation going!

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    Review -"Excellent results!"
    Reviewed on 15 February 2015 by Mrs A.S. Cape Quarter

    Health Renewal Cape Quarter

    Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    This is an effective, healthy programme, and I have seen and felt the results! The staff walk you through it all and offer support throughout! Body Renewal Diet is highly recommended.

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    Review -"Excellent Service overall!"
    Reviewed on 30 January 2015 by Mr S.N Cape Quarter

    Health Renewal Cape Quarter

    Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    The Cape Quarter Health Renewal team works to get you where you want to be! The rest is up to you!

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