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    Health Renewal Claremont Integrative Health Clinic is situated at 8 Protea Road, Claremont and seven the suburbs of Newlands, Claremont, Rondebosch, Mowbray, Kenilworth and Bishoipscourt. The clinics are managed by doctors who are experienced in Anti-Ageing, Aesthetic and Integrative Medicine. They are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced technicians, nurses and therapists who provide a wide range of treatments to clients. Read More

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    Maricia de Klerk Assistant Manager

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    Review -"Vriendelik staf by die Claremont tak"
    Reviewed on 7 February 2018 by Linda Vorster

    Health Renewal Claremont

    Al die staf by ontvangs is baie vriendelik, profesioneel en baie hulpvoordig. Dr Sedicka is werklik 'n aanwins - ek ervaar baie goeie resultate met haar behandeling. 

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    Review -"3 Months after HTMA"
    Reviewed on 22 June 2015 by Shereen Amos

    Health Renewal Claremont


    3 Months after seeing Dr Shania Lee for a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis at Health Renewal Claremont, I've experienced amazing results from the correct supplement advice, in treating my Hashimotos Thuroiditis. 

    1) Muscle Achies & Fatigue has gone

    2) Energy Levels are up

    3) Weight Loss of 8kg!

    4) I am feeling good

    I loved Dr Shania's approach - Holistic & Intelligent! 

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    Review -"Huge difference in my overall health!"
    Reviewed on 18 February 2015 by Elaine O'Dwyer

    Health Renewal Claremont

    Multivitamins & Minerals

    In February 2015, I started a journey to renewed health with Dr Lee. I hated the diet, thought the supplements were not working, complained constantly to my son Shaun about how ghastly I was feeling all the time.

    In 1989 I contracted ME. At the age of 36, with a beautiful loving son and a great job and hectic social life, I became instantly housebound and was bedridden for months at a time. I had 7 spontaneous remissions during the following 26 years. They were all of three month's duration. After a remission I would lapse into a serious depression. Life was difficult. ME is an illness of loss. I lost my health, I lost my job, I lost a lot of friends, I lost the ability to do any form of physical activity, my life was reduced to resting. And sleeping. Then resting again.

    I also had my gall bladder removed, had a breast reduction operation, and a knee replacement. The after effects of the anesthesia in all cases were dire. I became incontinent in 1994, and have had to wear sanitary pads on a daily basis since. I battled with severe short term memory loss, tinnitus, migraines, bone pain, muscle pain, sore skin, repeated urinary tract infections, and a host of other nasty symptoms.

    Fast forward to end January 2015. My son had seen Dr Lee regarding his overall health. He suggested I see her, which I did. We had a good first session, Dr Lee reckoned I would be completely cured within a year to 18 months. I was ecstatic. We did lots of blood tests, DNA, fatty acids, ones that I have since forgotten.

    The regime of strict diet and much supplementation began. Changing my diet was difficult. I did not believe my body was absorbing any of the myriad of supplements. Dr Lee said I would notice a difference after three months. I still felt awful and told Shaun (who has paid for all the tests, food and supplements) that I was sure Dr Lee was a fraud and that I was going to stop everything. He urged me to try for another three months. I started getting food delivered from PaleoMonkey five times a week, two meals a day. It was okay at first, but the veggies were soggy and had to be reheated and the protein was always rubbery and tasteless. Six weeks later I thankfully quit. I now cook my own very healthy and delicious food.

    On 10 June I woke up and thought, "Hmm, I don't feel so bad today. Interesting". A week later I threw a little birthday celebration. Twenty eight people arrived, all on four days notice. Each day I feel stronger, healthier, happier and WOW, so alive. It is like a miracle to behold. I am forever indebted to my sweet Shaun and Dr Lee, who have given me back my life. Dr Lee never wavered from the course, even though I was a truculent, difficult patient. She has a massive knowledge of the body and its workings.

    To conclude, I hope you realize what a huge difference Dr Lee is making to your practice. Please cherish her and give her the support and encouragement she needs to continue her great work.

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    Review -"Fantastic Results!"
    Reviewed on 13 February 2015 by Lizbé Jilly

    Health Renewal Claremont

    Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

    I have achieved fantastic results with the Body Renewal Diet Medical Weight Loss at Claremont Health Renewal. I lost 15kg all together. It is a manageable programme to be on and the Claremont team offer very good support!

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    Review -"Professional, Friendly & Supportive Staff!"
    Reviewed on 13 February 2015 by Henrietta Jane Clark

    Health Renewal Claremont

    I have found the staff at Health Renewal Claremont to be very professional, friendly and supporting. The staff (and Nurse Serena Pictor) are well trained and they are an asset to the branch. The service is excellent and I so appreciate the phone calls to remind you about your appointment. I love coming here and enjoying the beautiful surroundings! Thank you so much!

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