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Pycnogenol is available in Morningside, Parkhurst, Bedfordview, Fourways, West Rand and Illovo clinics. In Pretoria at Irene and Brooklyn as well as in the Western Cape at Cape Quarter, Claremont, Constantia, Stellenbosch, Paarl and Willowbridge branches and in KwaZulu-Natal at the DurbanUmhlanga branches.

Antioxidants also appear to play a role in helping to slow your signs of aging.

Antioxidants are usually classified into two broad groups: water-soluble (hydrophilic) and lipid-soluble (hydrophobic). To fight and help neutralize damaging free radicals, you need both forms of antioxidants from as many sources as possible. When taken together, the efficacy of water- and lipid-soluble antioxidants is enhanced even more.

Examples of water-soluble antioxidants include pycnogenol, vitamin C, glutathione and astaxanthin. It exists in aqueous fluids, such as blood and intracellular and extracellular fluids. It reacts with oxidants in the cell cytosol (fluid portion of cytoplasm) and the blood plasma. Examples of water-soluble antioxidants include pycnogenol, vitamin C and glutathione.

Free radicals are atoms that have lost an electron which makes them unstable and have a net positive charge(also called positive ions). Because they are missing electrons, free radicals will steal electrons from other atoms which make formerly stable atoms now unstable and become another free radical. This creates a domino-like effect disrupting normal bodily functions leading to cell decay and death, malfunction (e.g. abnormal cancerous cell growth), and eventually illness, chronic disease, or chronic inflammation. No matter how healthy a lifestyle we lead or how healthy our diet, we are exposed to dangerous free radicals every day because our normal bodily functions (breathing, metabolism, and physical activity) naturally generate free radicals. Your immune system also generates free radicals to help neutralize viruses and bacteria.

Pycnogenol is water-soluble antioxidant. It is present in aqueous fluids, such as blood and intracellular and extracellular fluids. It reacts with oxidants in the cell cytosol(fluid portion of cytoplasm) and the blood plasma.

Pycnogenol is a water-soluble French maritime pine bark extract which acts as a potent blend of antioxidants.

Pycnogenol Benefits include:


    It improves both endothelial dysfunction and platelet activation and thus reduces the incidence of a heart attack or stroke.

    Improves atherosclerosis and other circulatory diseases, including strokes, due to the vessel strengthening action of Pycnogenol.

    Helps improve metabolic syndrome risk factors such as high blood pressure , obesity and high cholesterol.

    Helps with natural dilation of blood vessels by supporting production of nitric oxide.

    It protects capillaries from free radical damage, which helps to prevent phlebitis, varicose veins and bruising. Consequently, it has been recommended for anyone with a history of blood clots in the lower extremities.


    It can reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy and in some cases has decreased blood sugar levels - Diabetes and its complications seem especially responsive to the flavonoid compounds contained in Pycnogenol.

    Helps Control Diabetes as it prevents sugar absorption.


    Protects brain cells from toxic chemicals, because it crosses the blood-brain barrier, it may be helpful in cases of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Senile Dementia.

    Improves hyperactive disorder.

    Pycnogenol® Boosts Brain and Memory Function


    Pycnogenol may guard against the formation of tumours or other cell mutations caused by free radicals and may help protect against degenerative diseases like cancer.


    For joint pain and injuries, Pycnogenol acts as a natural anti-inflammatory without the negative side effects of over-the-counter or prescription drugs. It also helps to alleviate the pain associated with arthritis and other joint conditions.

    It has been recommended as a daily supplement for anyone who engages in continuous physical activity.

    It is recommended as a supplement for use in improving one's athletic performance.

  • SKIN

    Studies show that Pycnogenol® synergistically attacks five of the most prominent causes of aging in skin and in many other organs and systems.

    Pycnogenol stimulates the generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid thus strengthens skin and promotes elasticity, which means it fights wrinkles and can soften facial lines.

    It is a potent UVB absorber actually helping to prevent sunburn, and protecting you from the damaging effects of radiation (i.e., flying in airplanes, x-rays, CT scans, etc.)

    It reduces DNA damage as it protects the cells thymidine dimers.

    Helps reduce hormonal pigmentation.


    Pycnogenol is particularly valuable for anyone who suffers from water retention and oedema as it helps to control and prevent water retention in the tissues by decreasing fluid leakage from the cells, which results in swelling.

    Anyone suffering from swollen ankles or fingers should look into its diuretic properties.


    Low dose of pycnogenol found to reduce hot flashes, night-time sweating and other symptoms of peri-menopause.

    Improves painful menstrual periods and endometriosis.

  • MALE

    Prostate problems seem especially responsive to certain doses of Pycnogenol.


    Pycnogenol is an excellent supplement for any type of allergy, especially hay fever because it decreases the production of histamines which are responsible for all the miseries of allergy symptoms.

    Improves asthma.

    Stimulates the immune system by boosting T and B cell functions.

    Improves leg cramps.

For all health conditions, the nutraceuticals are individually tailored by the Health Renewal Doctor. The doctor will decide- based on your history, physical examination and blood tests what would be the best for you and your specific needs and/or deficiencies. Please do not self-medicate. Self-Medicating is done when a person takes prescription medication or neutraceuticals on their own without a doctor's supervision and/or consent. By not having a physical examination and blood testing done by a qualified medical practitioner, you could be not treating vital deficiencies or conditions such as elevated blood pressure and high sugar levels. In addition, there is no single supplement given to clients as there is no magic bullet that can support all the essential nutrients that one's body needs.

Health Renewal's nutraceuticals are FREE OF: gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavour, sweetener, and preservatives. At Health Renewal we insist that all our supplements (such as fish oils) have been certified to be free of heavy metal contaminants like mercury.

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